The American Radio Show

The American Radio Show is a podcast (available for download via iTunes globally) that offers Japanese listeners unique entrée into the lives of American artists, performers, educators, technologists and policy makers.

Every two weeks, host Roberto De Vido pursues in-depth conversations with guests to find out how to compose a number one hit song, what it feels like to have skin in the game when you hear the words “… and the Oscar goes to …”, and what you do on your first day in office as the United States Ambassador to Japan. He asks how musicians got their lucky breaks, where thinkers get their ideas, and how directors motivate actors for a 30th take.

The show features brief periodic Japanese-language summaries inserted in post-production to help listeners stay on top of the conversation, as well as a brief Japanese-language introduction and wrap-up.

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The American Radio Showはのポッドキャスト番組です。




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