The clips I played during the Jack DeJohnette interview

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Jack DeJohnette has had a long and eclectic career not only as a drummer and percussionist, but also as a pianist, composer and bandleader.

He was in Tokyo earlier this summer with pianist Keith Jarrett and bassist Gary Peacock on the 30th anniversary tour of their Standards Trio, so I chose clips to accompany the interview from both the Trio’s catalog and Jack’s work with some of the many bands he has led over the decades.

Obviously, with a huge amount of music to choose from, these choices mostly reflect my preferences, but Jack’s work is extremely wide-ranging (for example, I didn’t include anything from his Grammy Award-winning album Peace Time). So if you like some of what you hear, the Internet can help you find much, much more.




膨大な楽曲の中から、今回の選曲は私の好みが反映されている形となっていますが、デジョネットの作品はとにかく幅広く、今回もグラミー賞を獲得したアルバム「Peace Time」などは選曲していません。


Part 1:

1. Billie’s Bounce (from “Still Live“)

2. Poinciana (from “Whisper Not“)

3. When I Fall in Love (from “Still Live“)

4. All My Tomorrows (from “Whisper Not“)

Part 2:

1. Luisito Serena Salsa (from “Sound Travels“)

2. One for Eric (from “Special Edition“)

3. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (from “Somewhere“)

4. I Thought About You (from “Somewhere“)

5. India (from “Special Edition“)

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